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Public Speaking and Writing

At Twelve Stones, the upper school focuses on mastering the art of rhetoric, or artful expression. As students become more concerned with how others view them, the upper school equips them to communicate with poise and eloquence. Our program helps students add the art of persuasive communication to their academic skill set.

Knowing facts and reasoning logically cannot be put to good use unless one can wisely communicate the truth behind the facts and ideas. Students are trained to speak carefully and purposefully, and to write effectively and gracefully, in order to influence the world around them. All subjects require that the student engage with the material in a thoughtful way.

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Western Civilization

As students study the primary sources, they critically examine the events and mindsets of the time from a biblical perspective. The humanities approach allows for seamless integration of literature, philosophy, theology and history.


Centered around the core courses of humanities (integrated history & literature), mathematics, science, and Christian studies, the upper school curriculum at Twelve Stones trains the student not only to master the fundamentals of a given subject, but also to appreciate the interconnections between the disciplines, and thus see the inherent wisdom in the Created order.

Mathematics & Science

Students gain thorough training in the mathematics sub-disciplines from Algebra and Geometry through Trigonometry and Calculus, as well as sciences of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Coursework emphasizes both the practical experience of math and science in day-to-day life, as well as the theoretical foundations of math and science that explain the God-ordered reality we see in the world.

Arts and Languages

Beyond the traditional core subjects, our students train in the practice of beauty through music, art and language. Believing that a well-rounded education includes an appreciation of the arts, we offer courses in classical guitar, chorus, drama, art and art history, and Spanish for upper school students.


Christian Worldview

As students comprehend the interconnections among disciplines, their appreciation for the God-established order in the world deepens. This appreciation leads them to more clearly formed convictions on matters of truth and falsehood, right and wrong, and wisdom and folly. At Twelve Stones Christian School, we teach the expression of these convictions in written and oral formats, as well as in a life well-lived to God’s glory.

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