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Our students spend more time with their parents than at school, preserving parents' influence and creating an opportunity for students to develop independent learning skills while pursuing their unique interests.


Our approach actively engages students through critical thinking, collaboration, and creative learning. We help students reach beyond the classroom as they engage with local professionals, explore cultural and social ideas, and pursue 21st Century solutions.


A GPS or compass approach to education? We seek to provide students a compass and the tools to navigate a well-lived life.

Servant Leader

Students, staff, and families partner with local and global organizations that serve the lost and the forgotten through hands-on service, project work, and mission trips.


Your children are growing in many ways; as students, thinkers, and servant-leaders. Twelve Stones Classical Christian School is an alternative way to provide an education for your child. We provide two days of on-campus instruction plus lesson plans for two to three days of parent-mentored instruction at home. Twelve Stones teachers are available for questions and help on home days and provide all grading and planning.

Classical education was developed by the early Greeks, but it came to fruition in the Christian church. Therefore, to speak of classical education is also to speak of Christian education. The best of the ancient Greeks and Romans desired to live lives of piety and virtue, and with the coming of Christ, their imperfect vision of man was fulfilled. The cardinal virtues of prudence, temperance, justice, and fortitude were crowned with the theological virtues of faith, hope, and love.


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